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Service Symphony was founded at the beginning of 2009 by a group of experienced IT practitioners to provide all-round IT services to financial customers based in Europe and the Middle East. We pride ourselves on delivering clinical and comprehensive financial solutions for our clients.

We offer cost-effective, efficient project-based services tailored around the needs of our clients. We have experts for every phase of software development, from initial planning and design to project execution and software testing.

With on-site, off-site, and off-shore capabilities at our disposal, we have a project-based solution to fit most project needs and budgets. Moreover, increased visibility into our project-based work and our hands-on approach to both project management and client satisfaction ensure we meet or exceed expectations.

Our Team

  • Meeraj Kunnumpurath Director and Executive Principal

    Meeraj Kunnumpurath is a leading industry expert in the field of SOA, enterprise Java and IT architecture. He is a published author with twelve books on enterprise Java, SOA, databases and web services. He sits on a number standards bodies at OASIS in evolving the OpenCSA standards for developing

    SOA-based enterprise applications. He is also the founder of Service Conduit and one of the founders of Fabric3, two of the leading open source SCA implementations available. He is also a regular speaker at international conferences.

    Before founding Service Symphony, Meeraj worked as the lead technologist with a leading financial institute in the UK in retail clearing and card payments, and was responsible defining, executing and delivering their enterprise middleware strategy. In his role he was one of the key individuals behind the execution of the 100-million technology transition programme for the UK’s BACS payments infrastructure.

    In his spare time when he is not watching football or dining out with his family, he programmes Haskell and Erlang.

  • Babur Begg Director and Executive Principal

    Babur has worked as an architect in delivering enterprise class applications in the financial, media and government sectors and has delivered many diverse large scale systems. One of his major achievements was heading and executing a 25 million pound technology refresh for a large Media

    Company based in the UK. He is responsible for technology strategy at Service Symphony and heads up the engineering team behind Service Conduit and mentors many junior members of the team and is currently performing part time research for his PhD in Knowledge Base Distributed systems.

  • Paul Round Senior Principal

    Paul has twenty years of experience in architecting, designing and executing enterprise software for a variety of vertical markets including finance, e-Gov, engineering, media and content delivery. He has a background in electronic engineering and brings a strong focus on quality to systems and process engineering software solutions. Paul has a wide breadth of experience on platforms and projects ranging from high volume payments processing implemented in Java to engineering and real time systems implemented using C and C++.

    Through a unique combination of experience, and knowledge Paul has developed an expertise in using technology in innovative ways, enabling him to advanced the business needs of many companies. At the same time, he has proven himself astute in understanding business requirements that form the foundation of technological solutions he has been instrumental in delivering.

    Paul heads up the customer delivery team at Service Symphony.

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