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Software Engineering

Service Symphony principals provide IT services within the full spectrum of the software development lifecycle. We are capable of undertaking product conceptualisation, architectural prototyping, software design, development, implementation and delivery. Our consultants have proven track-records in delivering multi-million pound projects for large-scale financial customers right from conceptualising the architecture to delivering completed software into production. We are capable of undertaking fixed-price projects as well providing time and material resources.

Mentoring and Training

We also provide IT training covering a wide-range of topics including enterprise architecture, SOA, enterprise Java, Web Services and SCA. Our consultants sit on the standards bodies evolving some of the leading enterprise SOA specifications and are actively involved in executing those standards in the open source arena. We are proven mentors in providing training to IT resources within large corporates in a variety of technology-related fields.

Architectural Review

Service Symphony principals provide architectural and implementation review on software projects to a number corporate customers. We provide detailed review reports with recommendation on the software architecture, technology choices, implementation quality, performance impacts and maintainability.

Automation Testing

Service Symphony principals provide automation testing services to clients looking to create efficient software processes. The process relies on uses of specialist software to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. The implementation of such a process allows for the repetition of identified tasks which the existing frameworks, which would be difficult to preform manually.

Technical Support Service and Transition

Service Symphony principals provide technical support service and transition support for our clients. Our principles will undertake responsibility for planning and coordinating resources to ensure specifications for the service design are realized and, starting with the transition phase, to identify, manage and limit risks that could interrupt the service in any operational processes within your business.

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